Applique Tutorial

Today I’m going to show you how I did the applique design on the messenger bag I showed you how to make on Monday.

I had about a 1/2 yard of coordinating fabric that I used, though I probably only needed about 1/4 yard.  For this bag I used my handy GO! Baby Fabric Cutter for this project, but use any design you like.  Some cut flowers, birds, or even swirl designs would look awesome here.

In this case I used the GO! Baby Feather fabric die to cut my designs.  (I used the lower three.)

On my cutter, I measured how wide they were and cut my fabric accordingly.  In this case, it was about 4″.  I also cut a matching strip of Wonder Under.  Wonder Under is a product that you iron to the back of fabric.  You then peel off the paper backing and iron it to your bag (or whatever you’re appliqueing).  This give the pieces a temporary hold so you can more easily sew them on.

In this case I cut 15 feathers (I only used 14) and I made sure that I cut them going the right directions.  (Nothing like having 15 feathers going one direction!)  Then I laid out the design until I liked how it looked, removing the paper backing from the pieces as I went.

Then I carefully moved the entire piece over to the ironing board.  With my iron on a medium-high setting I ironed over each piece, making sure they were adhering well.

I moved the ironed piece back to my sewing machine.  I made sure it was threaded with a coordinating thread.  In this case, I used white.

I set the presser foot over the tip of one of the feathers and aligned the needle with the point.

I slowly and carefully sewed around the perimeter of the feather, cutting the thread when I reached the point again.

I did this for each feather.  Slow and steady wins the race!  It’s a bit tedious, but the work pays off!!

Once the last feather (or other applique design) has been sewn on, you’re done!

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