New Camera

Today I purchased a new camera! I desperately needed it … I mean, the photos I’ve put up so far have been pretty bad. I’m so pleased with some of the practice pictures I took today. I’ll give you a little glimpse into my life by showing you pictures of my 2 dogs, Joey and Stella. I’ve also included a picture of the flowers on my dining room table — my other camera doesn’t even compare to the detail on this one!

Also, please don’t judge me for my overgrown backyard.  Rain + the fact that it’s fenced off has made me lazy in mowing!


2 thoughts on “New Camera

  1. Lauren, which dog is which? Is one a doxie? The other looks like a rott / shepherd mix. I think I told you before that the one we had like that was one of our best dogs ever. Great blog!

  2. Joey is the doxie mix (we think doxie/beagle mix). And Stella is some sort of rott mix, not sure with what yet. I met a rott/lab mix at the vet one day who looked so similar to Stella, but I’m not sure. She is pretty small for a rott. I love her — she is so sweet and well behaved. She does tend to bark, but I know she does it as a protective measure; just trying to take care of me! 🙂

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