Domestic Wish List

As I take a break from procrastinate my bedroom and bedroom closet organization (before and after pictures to come later), I thought I’d share a few things on my domestic wish list.  You know, in case you’re feeling charitable. 🙂

(Because it’s totally normal to buy something expensive for someone you’ve never met.)

First on my list is the KopyKake Projector.  I love making decorated cookies (and someday I’ll share with you the roll sugar cookie dough I swear by) but I have a hard time decorating them.  A KopyKake projector projects the image on the cookie so you can basically trace it onto the cookie.  Genius!!  This model is the K1000-G and is $425.  Definitely not in my budget right now.


Next on my list is the Silhouette cutter.  I currently own (read: took from my mom) a Cricut cutter.  It’s great, but I love the Silhouette’s ability to make your own designs and also to download new designs on the cheap.  You can not only cut paper, but fabric, vinyl, and work with rhinestones and heat transfer.  The Silhouette SD is currently available for only $249.99, which I would jump on if I were employed.  In the mean time, I’ll just keep entering all the Silhouette giveaways on my favorite blogs. 🙂

I would like every color (hey, if I’m making a wish list I might as well go big) of disco dust.  Disco dust is sparkly edible glitter for cookies and cakes.

A Cuisinart ice-cream maker.  (Does this really need an explanation?)

Finally, the Kitchenaid Pasta Excellence mixer attachments.  I really want to make my own pasta sometime.  While I know I can do it without these attachments, it’s just not as fun!

Later this week I’ll show you what I’ve actually accomplished upstairs.  Hopefully by this time tomorrow the laundry will be done, I’ll be able to walk in my closet, and everything will be clean and organized.


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  1. Lauren,

    Let me know if you want to take a cake decorating class and I will take one with you! Just message me on facebook.

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