Celebrate Dad: Word Cloud Gift

Has anyone else felt that shift in the time-space continuum?  Because that’s the only way I can explain getting calls for THREE (count them … THREE) interviews today.  Not that I’m complaining.  I’m just positive something must be going on in the universe.  Although I will start complaining if I don’t get any of these jobs.  Because that’s just mean.

So this week I’m going to share with you ideas for three homemade gifts for dad.  The first one is a word cloud all about dad.  Word clouds are becoming more and more popular; some libraries use them in their catalogs and some websites use them as tag clouds.  A word cloud is a visual weighted list.  The more often a word is repeated, the bigger it gets in the cloud.  So I thought this would make a great gift for dad.

You’re going to create your word cloud for dad using the website Wordle.  I’ll give you several tips on using the website tomorrow.  I made a list of 10 attributes I appreciated about my dad and created my word cloud and then I printed it on my laser printer.  If you don’t have a laser printer, make sure you make a photocopy of it as inkjet printing will not work for this project.  Also, make sure you print it as a mirror image.  (I will show you how to do that tomorrow if you aren’t sure.)

Making a word cloud isn’t enough for me.  You could easily put it in a frame, but I wanted to make it a little extra special.  So I used a gel medium and canvas to make it special!  This is how I did it.

What you’ll need:

A painted canvas (I used a canvas panel because it was cheaper), a brayer, a paint brush, Golden Gel Medium, and my printed word cloud.  (I do have two panels in this picture because I wanted one in case I messed up.  Which is good I did!)

First thing you’ll do is coat that canvas up well with your gel medium.  Since I had never done this before, I have some hints I’ll share along the way so you don’t make the same mistakes!  Hint: only coat the area you’ll be placing the picture over (i.e. don’t do the whole thing like I did).

(Flashlight in the background optional.)

Next, lay your word cloud graphic face down on the painted canvas.  Now you’ll see why it needed to be printed as a mirror image!  Hint: trim away the paper without words.  (Again, don’t do what I did.)

Now take your brayer (or improvise with a rolling pin) and make sure all the air bubbles are out.

Let this sit for at least an hour to dry.

Then take some water and wet the paper.  I like to use a squeeze bottle for this, but do whatever is easiest for you.  Hint: You really don’t need to get it this wet.  This was practically drowning — unnecessary.

Now take the paper off with your fingers.  This may take awhile, just be patient.  Also, don’t rub too hard or you may take bits of the letters off.  Also, not covering your entire canvas with the extra paper will help with the time!

You may want to keep adding water as needed to help you get that paper off.

Keep working at it and you’ll end up with something like this:

It’s not all the way dry in this picture, which explains the splotchiness.

Stay tuned tomorrow for some tips on using Wordle to make your world cloud.

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