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Don’t you love how prompt I was when I promised this Wordle post “tomorrow”?  Apparently I like to play it fast and loose with the word tomorrow.  Today has been a busy day of taking my dog to get her Bordetella vaccine, going to a Pampered Chef party, and catching the tail end of Bible Study.  As you can see, I am busy and important.

Tomorrow I will be picking my aunt, uncle, and cousin up at the Cincinnati airport after their 17 day European vacation (Clark Griswold would be proud) and I will be using every ounce of self-control I have to not stop by IKEA.  Last time I was in Cincinnati, it took me an hour to get there from the airport and I would hate to leave them stranded there waiting for me, so alas, I will not go.  (Even though my heart yearns.)  Also, if you happened to think you could come break into my house while I am gone?  Just know that I am currently unemployed (and, therefore, broke), and have a protective Rottweiler.  Also, my neighbor is strangely protective of me as well, and really, I would not want to mess with him.

Now, onto Wordle.  This was one of my 4th and 5th graders FAVORITE websites to do in the Computer Lab last year.  I would get requests for it and many students chose to go on this website when they earned free time in class.  Anyone can use this website easily.  Have no fear!

When you go onto the Wordle website, you’ll click on the Create link at the top of the page.  You’re going to see a box that says “Paste in a bunch of text”.  Heed my words, young Jedi.  You will regret it if you don’t.  Say you accidentally misspell a word or you accidentally forget to add something.  Wordle won’t save what you’ve written and you will be sad.

Go ahead and open up a Microsoft Word document, or even Notepad or Google Docs, and type out your list of words here.  Now, I mentioned in my last post that this is a weighted list, so the more times a word is repeated, the bigger it gets.  In this case, I copied and pasted “Dad” 30 times and copied and pasted all my descriptive words 10 times each.  (Ignore the red and green squiggles.)

Notice the words “loves God”?  In order to keep those words together in your word cloud you need to join them together with that little squiggle.  ~

If you don’t, the website will count them as separate words and you will not see them together in your final graphic.

Once you’ve copied and pasted your words into the box, click “Go” underneath it.

Hooray, you have a picture!!!!

Click the “Randomize” box to see a new layout.  You can also click the “Font”, “Layout”, or “Color” tabs at the top of the page to change your settings manually.

Once you’re happy with your picture, you’re going to want to print it.  But don’t forget!  We need to print a mirror image.

Click Print.  When the box pops up, click the small check box that says “Always allow”.

In your printer box, make sure it’s printing to the correct printer, and then click “Properties” to the right of your printer name.

Click on the “Finishing” tab and then click in the box next to “Mirror Image” on the bottom right.

Click OK and then Print.

Now your image will be printed correctly!  And if you only have an inkjet printer, be sure to make a photocopy or your will have a sad canvas. 😦

I hope this explains any questions you might have about using Wordle.  Enjoy making this project!  If you have more than one child, this allows each one to be creative and choose his/her own fonts, colors, layout, and descriptive words — making each one unique!

Thursday and Friday I’ll be sharing with you two more homemade gift ideas.  And Saturday I might do a little bloggy roundup!


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