Celebrate Dad: The Book of Awesome

Check out our first gift idea this week: a Canvas Word Cloud Gift and, if you need some tips on how to use the Wordle website, check out my post with Wordle Tips and Tricks!

How many of you are familiar with The Book of Awesome?  There is a blog as well as book one and book two.  Basically, the premise is a blog that highlights a new awesome thing each day.  For example:
#910: When you arrive at your destination just as a great song ends on the radio
#596: Driving on the highway really late at night when the roads are empty
#328: The smell of a library

Fun things that remind you to enjoy the little things of life.

So, I thought, wouldn’t this be a great idea for a Father’s Day gift?  You could make a Dad’s Book of Awesome!

All you need is some paper to create your own book.  Or you can go to your local Teacher Supply store and they should have some of those prebound, blank young author books students use at school.

Buy one for each of your kids and then have them come up with a few reasons that Dad is awesome.  Maybe something like:
#1: He makes me pancakes every Saturday.
#2: He likes to ride bikes with me.

Whatever they can come up with.  Then, they can draw pictures after each awesome thing, or include a photo.  What dad wouldn’t love this gift?  It’s a wonderful reminder that those little things he does matter.

Stay tuned for one more gift idea tomorrow and a Father’s Day Bloggy Roundup!


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