The Search for the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie

I know I have already made a post about my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.  But in the past week I have come upon two other recipes that looked and sounded delicious.  So, I knew I would have to make all three to figure out which one I liked best.  🙂

This was a difficult experiment, I tell you what.  Making a bunch of cookies and then eating one from each batch?  Soooo hard to do.

So, cookie #1 was from Jacque Torres.  (I actually made half the recipe and got 2 dozen large cookies.) It calls for bread flour and pastry flour, which gives it a crispy, yet tender texture.  It’s both chewy and soft, with tons of chocolate.  It calls for bittersweet, but I just used the semisweet chips I had on hand.  I actually even forgot to put in the salt and this cookie was still delicious.  I know it would’ve been even better with the salt.

Cookie #2 was from New York City’s Milk & Cookies Bakery.  It calls for old-fashioned oats, finely ground.  I could definitely tell there was oatmeal in this cookie by its texture, even though it was finely ground.  It also had a lot of chocolate, and I again used the semisweet chips.

Cookie #3 was my chocolate chip cookie recipe, but this time instead of milk chocolate chips, I got a block of milk chocolate from Whole Foods.  I made about a half cup of chocolate ribbons and then made a cup of milk chocolate chunks.  This meant that chocolate was all through the cookie (from the ribbons) and in big chunks, which were gooey and delicious.  The cookie was still sweet and soft, with slightly crispy edges.

My verdict?  I still LOVED my cookies, and with the changes in the chocolate, I loved them even more.  And I declare these the winner!!!

In second place, I’d give it to the Jacques Torres recipe.  Third place will be the Milk & Cookies recipe, mainly because of the oatmeal texture.  I’ve really only liked oatmeal in oatmeal raisin cookies and I just wasn’t as crazy about this cookie texture (though they were still good.)

What’s your favorite cookie recipe?  Any special methods you use in your cookies?

Also anyone want to come take all these chocolate chip cookies off my hands?