I love buying handmade.  Do you sell ready to ship items?
Why, yes, I do.  Not everything featured on my blog will be in my shop.  I won’t be selling food at all in my shop.  If you’re interested in seeing what I do have for sale, or interested in setting up a custom order, check out my website at http://sewlodesigns.com.

Can I use a photo from your blog or link to your blog?
You are always welcome to link to my blog!  I thank you in advance.  You are also welcome to use pictures of any completed project on your blog, as long as you don’t remove the tag on my pictures.  If you use any of my pictures, a link back is always appreciated.

Can I republish one of your posts on my blog?
Sorry, but no.  Please keep my posts here on my blog.

Can I sell items I make from the tutorials you feature on your blog?
I tend to differ from other bloggers in this.  YES, you may!

A disclaimer:
It’s always proper to cite where you got your recipes.  I always link back to the original source.  If you choose to sell food made from a recipe I’ve featured, make sure you are following your local food preparation laws.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I firmly believe “there is nothing new under the sun”.  There are several techniques in cooking, sewing, baking, etc.  Fashion isn’t copyrighted.  Who am I to tell you what you can and cannot make, right? Just because I might teach you a new technique or show you how to make a project, doesn’t mean you’re not putting in the work to make and sell it.

That being said, I request that you not sell any patterns you make from tutorials featured on this site.  Fashion isn’t copyrighted, but patterns are.  As a librarian, plagiarism is something I take seriously.  Selling patterns made from tutorials posted on the Internet?  Not so cool.

Have a question?
Email me and I’ll get back to you!


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